Daimler and the Capital Market


Key figures

  Sept. 30, 2014 Sept. 30, 2013 % change
Earnings per share in Q3 (in €) 2.59 1.72 +49
Outstanding shares (in millions) 1,069.8 1,069.6 +0
Market capitalization (€ billion) 64.97 61.63 +5
Xetra closing price (€) 60.73 57.62 +5

Daimler share price (highs and lows) in 2013/2014

Daimler Q3 2014 daimler share price high low


Daimler share price follows general trend of automotive sector and weakens in third quarter.

Daimler’s stock followed the general trend in the automotive sector in the third quarter of 2014 with a volatile share-price development.

Geopolitical tension continued to create uncertainty on the global stock markets once again in the third quarter. In addition to the volatile situation in Ukraine and the possibility of stricter sanctions being imposed on Russia, the market environmment was also affected by concerns about the spread of the conflict in the Middle East. The worsened outlook for economic developments in Europe also had a negative impact on stock-market sentiment. Against this backdrop, share prices on the European stock exchanges started falling significantly in July. Daimler’s share price was unable to escape this development. There were slight signs of recovery on the European stock markets in the second half of the third quarter, however, partially offsetting share-price falls in many sectors. This seems to have been primarily due to the announcement of further monetary-policy support measures by the European Central Bank (ECB). But the development of cyclical stocks was weaker than the overall market in the second half of the quarter. Those stock included the automotive sector and Daimler shares.

Daimler’s share price stood at €60.73 at closing on September 30, and had thus fallen by 11% over the third quarter, like the Dow Jones STOXX Auto. The DAX fell by 4% over the same period. Daimler’s market capitalization at the end of the quarter was €65.0 billion, which was €3.3 billion or 5% higher than a year earlier.

Share-price development (indexed)

Daimler Q3 2014 share price index


Favorable market environment used for benchmark emissions.

The Daimler Group carried out two so-called benchmark emissions in the third quarter. In early July, Daimler AG issued a ten-year bond in the euro market with a volume of €500 million. In August, Daimler Finance North America LLC issued bonds with three-, five- and ten-year maturities in one transaction in the US capital market with a total volume of US $2.5 billion. In addition, an asset-backed securities (ABS) transaction was conducted in the United States in July with a volume of approximately US $1.1 billion.

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