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    Mercedes-Benz Travego

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Business development affected by difficult market situation in Latin America in third quarter of 2014
Unit sales significantly lower than prior-year level at 8,600 buses and bus chassis
Mercedes-Benz Citaro city bus recognized with major awards
EBIT above prior-year figure at €64 million (Q3 2013: €59 million)

D.13                                                              Q3

Amounts in millions of euros Q3 2014 Q3 2013 % change
EBIT 64 59 +8
Revenue 1,034 1,127 -8
Unit sales 8,619 9,649 -11
Production 8,034 9,488 -15
Employees 16,214 16,603* -2
* As of December 31, 2013.

D.14                                                              Q3

Unit sales Q3 2014 Q3 2013 % change
Total 8,619 9,649 -11
Western Europe 1,857 1,696 +9
Germany 493 573 -14
Mexico 917 923 -1
Latin America (excluding Mexico) 4,692 5,750 -18
Asia 420 435 -3
Other markets 733 845 -13

Business development affected by difficult market situation in Latin America

Daimler Buses’ third-quarter unit sales worldwide of 8,600 buses and bus chassis were significantly lower than the 9,600 units sold in the prior-year period. This decrease was primarily due to the weaker business with bus chassis in Latin America. However, the business with complete buses in Western Europe was once again stronger than the high level of last year. As a result of decreased unit sales in Latin America, Daimler Buses’ revenue of €1.0 billion was also lower than in the third quarter of 2013 (€1.1 billion). EBIT amounted to €64 million (Q3 2013: €59 million).

Significant decrease in unit sales in Latin America

In Western Europe, the division sold 1,900 complete buses and bus chassis of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands in the third quarter, which was 9% more than in the prior-year period. Daimler Buses’ market share increased significantly once again from 30% to 35%. While significant growth was achieved for example in Belgium, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands, sales in Germany decreased by 14% to 500 units. In Turkey, our unit sales fell from 300 to 200 units due to a substantial contraction of the overall market. In Latin America (excluding Mexico), sales of 4,700 bus chassis in the third quarter were significantly lower than in the prior-year period, as expected (Q3 2013: 5,800). The difficult economic situation in Argentina, Brazil and other Latin American markets had a negative impact on the development of our unit sales. Our sales in Mexico of 900 units were similar to the volume sold in the third quarter of 2013.

New models from Mercedes-Benz and Setra at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair, the division presented Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses with numerous new features and model versions. The Citaro G articulated bus is now available with the compact and horizontally installed OM 936 h in-line engine. This increases the passenger capacity of the Citaro G by up to eight persons. The premium high-decker Mercedes-Benz Travego with the new Active Brake Assist 3 (ABA 3) can automatically apply the brakes fully if there is a stationary obstacle ahead of it.

Mercedes-Benz Travego

The Setra ComfortClass 500 range has been extended with two additional vehicle lengths in the high-decker (HD) versions, and is now also available in two mid-decker (MD) versions in a completely new vehicle segment. In this way, we have created an inexpensive and flexible entry model in this bus category.

Setra ComfortClass 500

Mercedes-Benz Citaro receives Green Bus Award 2014 and IBC Award 2014

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro Euro VI city bus received the Green Bus Award 2014 at IAA Commercial Vehicles. This prize has been awarded by the trade magazines “Omnibusrevue” and “Busfahrer” alternately for a coach and a city bus each year since 2011. One of the features with which the Citaro convinced the jury was the lowest fuel consumption of the buses in the test. Furthermore, the Mercedes-Benz Citaro was ahead of its competitors in the International Bus & Coach Competition (IBC) carried out by “Busfahrer” trade magazine.

D.15                                                           Q1-3

Amounts in millions of euros Q1-3 2014 Q1-3 2013 % change
EBIT 167 55 +204
Revenue 2,941 2,812 +5
Unit sales 23,391 23,595 -1
Production 24,625 26,115 -6
Employees 16,214 16,603* -2
* As of December 31, 2013.

D.16                                                           Q1-3

Unit sales Q1-3 2014 Q1-3 2013 % change
Total 23,391 23,595 -1
Western Europe 4,649 3,722 +25
Germany 1,754 1,307 +34
Mexico 2,640 1,976 +34
Latin America (excluding Mexico) 12,974 14,420 -10
Asia 817 1,188 -31
Other markets 2,311 2,289 +1
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