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    Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

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Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

Daimler Trucks


Ongoing excellent development of unit sales in the NAFTA region
Presentation of new FUSO models in Indonesia
Future Truck 2025 is the highlight of the 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles Show
EBIT up 13% to €588 million

D.05                                                              Q3

Amounts in millions of euros Q3 2014 Q3 2013 % change
EBIT 588 522 +13
Revenue 8,463 7,982 +6
Unit sales 125,556 124,465 +1
Production 124,366 128,289 -3
Employees 84,124 79,020* +6
At December 31, 2013

D.06                                                               Q3

Unit sales Q3 2014 Q3 2013 % change
Total 125,556 124,465 +1
Western Europe 14,822 16,662 -11
NAFTA region 43,868 35,125 +25
Latin America (excluding Mexico) 12,528 16,204 -23
Asia 38,582 41,115 -6
Other markets 15,756 15,359 +3
BFDA (Auman Trucks) 18,051 24,129 -25
Total (including BFDA) 143,607 148,594 -3

Growth in unit sales, revenue and EBIT

Daimler Trucks’ third-quarter unit sales of 125,600 vehicles were slightly above the prior-year level. Revenue increased by 6% to €8.5 billion. EBIT surpassed the level of the prior-year period and reached €588 million (Q3 2013: €522 million), including expenses of €30 million for workforce adjustments in Brazil and Germany.

Excellent development of unit sales in the NAFTA region

A feature of unit sales in the third quarter was the continuation of disparate market developments in the various regions. In Western Europe, sales of 14,800 units were 11% lower than in the third quarter of last year. This was primarily due to purchases being brought forward in the prior-year period because of new emission limits that came into effect at the beginning of 2014. As a result of generally weak market demand, sales in Latin America also decreased by a significant 23% to 12,500 units; the reduction was 17% in Brazil, the region’s main market. At the same time we succeeded in gaining market share in both regions with our Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the medium- and heavy-duty segment: in Western Europe from 24.3% to 24.7% and in Brazil from 24.5% to 27.1%.

The steadily growing demand for our products in the NAFTA region led to renewed significant growth in unit sales of 25% to 43,900 vehicles. With a market share of 37.1% in weight classes 6-8 (Q3 2013: 38.2%), we were able to maintain our significant market leadership once again. Sales of 38,600 trucks in Asia were 6% below the prior-year level. This was mainly due to a sharp drop in demand in Indonesia. Unit sales developed positively in Japan and India, however. In the overall Japanese truck market, we achieved a market share of 21.4% with our FUSO vehicles (Q3 2013: 21.1%). The new FUSO Super Great V was partially responsible for the sales success of Daimler Trucks in that market. The customer response to this fuel-efficient heavy-duty truck, deliveries of which started in September, is excellent. In India, we successfully expanded the market share of our BharatBenz trucks in the medium- and heavy-duty segment to 5.7% (Q3 2013: 3.9%).

On track with Daimler Trucks #1

By the end of the third quarter, we had made good progress towards achieving the target of 70-80% of the program’s volume of €1.6 billion by the end of 2014. We have already reached approximately 60%. The success of the efficiency and growth program can also be seen from the integrated Asia Business Model: In September, the Daimler commercial-vehicle subsidiary MFTBC presented trucks of the new medium- and heavy-duty series, FUSO FI and FUSO FJ, in Indonesia. The new FUSO models are produced in Chennai, India, and should help us to further extend our market leadership in Indonesia.

Daimler Trucks presents the first self-driving truck

Daimler Trucks presented new models from all over the world at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hanover. One of the show’s highlights was the Future Truck 2025. The first self-driving truck is a key element of the transport system of the future, as it will make goods transport safer, more efficient and more connected. New features include the Highway Pilot intelligent system as well as Blind Spot Assist, a technological breakthrough in the field of road safety. With this vehicle, Daimler Trucks has once again underscored its technological leadership.

World Premiere Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

D.07                                                          Q1-3

Amounts in millions of euros Q1-3 2014 Q1-3 2013 % change
EBIT 1,384 1,072 +29
Revenue 23,550 22,971 +3
Unit sales 360,151 349,661 +3
Production 374,111 366,840 +2
Employees 84,124 79,020* +6
At December 31, 2013

D.08                                                           Q1-3

Unit sales Q1-3 2014 Q1-3 2013 % change
Total 360,151 349,661 +3
Western Europe 39,695 42,900 -7
NAFTA region 119,568 100,691 +19
Latin America (excluding Mexico) 34,610 45,242 -24
Asia 122,060 118,291 +3
Other markets 44,218 42,537 +4
BFDA (Auman Trucks) 75,936 75,359 +1
Total (including BFDA) 436,087 425,020 +3
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