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    Mercedes-AMG GT

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    Mercedes-Benz S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Mercedes-Benz S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Mercedes-Benz Cars


Best-ever quarter for unit sales with 431,000 vehicles sold (Q3 2013: 395,400)
Successful market launch of C-Class sedan and wagon
World premiere of Mercedes-AMG GT
EBIT up 32% to €1,584 million

D.01                                                             Q3

Amounts in millions of euros Q3 2014 Q3 2013 % change
EBIT 1,584 1,200 +32
Revenue 18,677 16,521 +13
Unit sales 431,041 395,446 +9
Production 459,259 391,934 +17
Employees 130,022 96,895* +34
*At December 31, 2013

D.02                                                             Q3

Unit sales Q3 2014 Q3 2013 % change
Total 431,041 395,446 +9
Western Europe 160,264 151,438 +6
Germany 66,201 69,908 -5
United States 84,085 80,106 +5
China 76,233 64,808 +18
Other markets 110,459 99,094 +11

Best-ever quarter for unit sales

Mercedes-Benz Cars’ sales volume increased in the third quarter of 2014 by 9% to 431,000 vehicles. This made that quarter the best ever in the company’s history in terms of unit sales. Revenue rose by 13% to €18.7 billion and EBIT amounted to €1,584 million (Q3 2013: €1,200 million).

In Western Europe (excluding Germany), Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 94,100 vehicles, 15% more than in the third quarter of last year. The main growth driver in this region was the United Kingdom (+18%). In Germany, the division sold 66,200 vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz and smart brands in a highly competitive environment (Q3 2013: 69,900). In the United States, its biggest market, Mercedes-Benz Cars set a new record with sales of 84,100 units (+5%). In China, we continued along our successful path and increased our unit sales to the new record of 76,200 vehicles (+18%). The development of unit sales by Mercedes-Benz Cars was particularly strong in the third quarter also in Japan (+15%), South Korea (+40%) and the Middle East (+28%).

Growth driven by compact cars and S-Class

Amongst the Mercedes-Benz model series, the new compact cars were especially strong growth drivers in the third quarter. Worldwide, 125,900 customers decided in favor of a model of the A-, B-, CLA- or GLA-Class (+30%). Sales of 92,000 units in the C-Class segment were 6% above the prior-year level thanks to the successful market launch of the sedan and wagon versions. In the E-Class segment, 78,100 units were sold (Q3 2013: 98,700). Our leadership in the luxury segment continued with the S-Class. From July through September, 28,200 units of the S-Class sedan were sold, approximately three times as many as in the same period of last year (Q3 2013: 10,100). Worldwide sales of our SUVs increased by 5% to 85,800 units. The upcoming model change of the smart was reflected by a slight decrease in sales volume to 17,800 units (Q3 2013: 18,000).

C-Class available in all major markets

By the end of the third quarter, the C-Class had become available in all major markets. In late August, the sedan was launched in the high-volume markets of the United States and China. In Europe, the wagon version also became available in late September, after the market launch of the sedan in March.

The new C-Class estate

With the launch of the S-Class Coupé and the S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID on September 27, two more members of the S-Class family are now available in Europe.

S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID: Efficiency at its best

And the new Mercedes-AMG GT had its world premiere in September.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT. Handcrafted by Racers

Positive effects from Fit for Leadership program

By the end of the third quarter of 2014, we had already reached 70% of the program’s planned efficiency volume. This means we are well on the way towards achieving 80-90% of the total volume of €2 billion by the end of 2014, as planned.

C-Class: production on four continents

Our production plants continued to have high capacity utilization in the third quarter of this year. Most of them worked through the summer months without any vacation breaks. A main feature of the third quarter was the new C-Class, which for the first time is now produced on four continents: Production of the C-Class started in Beijing in July, after the plants in Bremen, East London and Tuscaloosa had previously started producing our best-selling model series.

D.03                                                           Q1-3

Amounts in millions of euros Q1-3 2014 Q1-3 2013 % change
EBIT 4,176 2,701 +55
Revenue 53,452 46,955 +14
Unit sales 1,239,202 1,141,668 +9
Production 1,273,356 1,177,984 +8
Employees 130,022 96,895* +34
*At December 31, 2013

D.04                                                           Q1-3

Unit sales Q1-3 2014 Q1-3 2013 % change
Total 1,239,202 1,141,668 +9
Western Europe 484,493 479,376 +1
Germany 198,528 210,812 -6
United States 242,850 224,580 +8
China 214,637 171,263 +25
Other markets 297,222 266,449 +12
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